February 4, 2008

Red Bull Extra - Focus on positive things

If you're in a difficult situation then it may be kind of helpful to focus on positive things!

By the way did you know that Red Bull had been created in Thailand?

From Krating Daeng...
At the origin Red Bull was developed in Thailand by the company TC Pharmaceutical. It was sold under the Thai name Krating Daeng. The recipe of this new beverage was based on Lipovitan, an earlier energy drink that had been introduced to Thailand from Japan.

Krating Daeng was especially popular among truck drivers, construction workers and farmers. Truck drivers used to drink it to stay awake during the long late night drive. The working class image was boosted by sponsorship of Thai boxing matches, where the logo of two red bulls charging each other was often on display.

To Red Bull!
In 1982 Dietrich Mateschitz who was then Marketing director for a German toothpaste company visited Thailand.
He then tried Krating Deang and discovered that it helped to get rid of his jet lag.
Mateschitz immediately recognized that there was an opportunity to seize.
Between 1984 and 1987 he cooperated with TC Pharmaceutical cooperated to adapt Krating Daeng to a more European taste.
Finally the "Austrian" version of Red Bull was launched in 1987. The Austrain Rad Bull is carbonated and not as sweet as the original Thai recipe.

Since then Red Bull had thrived and is nowadays a well known beverage all around the world!

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